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We know that putting customers at the heart of your business is the key to success. So, when Computacenter asked us to create a business-to-consumer (B2C) experience for their business-to-business (B2B) customers, we sprung into action. From the research stage to UX design, everything we did was through a customer lens: defining their needs, pain points, and personas. The insight gained from mapping a typical Computacenter customer journey allowed us to create an engaging customer experience.


The Challenge

Computacenter's clients are large global enterprise businesses with thousands of employees. They wanted to provide each and every client with a better buying experience.

Not only would this more personalised approach provide a more engaging customer experience, but it would help with client retention and complement the customer-centric approach across the rest of the business.

The project involved providing an intuitive ecommerce portal with a uniquely tailored portfolio of products that their clients’ employees could easily browse, select and order. It was also required that the portal be branded appropriately for each client. 

The success of the project depended on one critical goal: providing B2B buyers with a B2C experience.


The Plan

1. Our digital solution began by researching Computacenter's user personas and journeys to produce UX designs based on solid customer evidence

2. The final UX designs offering a B2C experience were introduced in a phased rollout of incremental ecommerce functionality to meet client needs 

3. An agile framework was employed to allow multiple teams, system integrators, and stakeholders to address changing requirements and achieve goals

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Value Delivered

Each stage of the project was viewed through a customer lens. This helped give Computacenter invaluable customer-focused data on which to base further decisions.

This project involved the biggest committee of stakeholders of any Profound project to date. The end result was a frictionless experience for everyone involved, and an engaging ecommerce customer journey for Computacenter's clients. 

Peer recognition was a big part of this project. We were initially brought on board thanks to a recommendation from another client. As a result of this project’s success, we are now Computacenter's go-to partner for experience design and they have introduced us to a new client.

Verbatim feedback is that we are the best agency they've ever worked with.

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Profound were instrumental in helping us with our TechSource webshop development programme. As soon as we met, it was clear they listened to our brand intent, the market we wanted to appeal to and how our users interact on a global basis. Their prototyping was quick, functional and collaborative and they helped create a video demonstration we’ve used at many conferences to articulate the value of our new technology platform. I’ve really enjoyed working with them too as they were flexible, supportive and balanced. Just what you need in a long term partner.

Chris Hanson | Group Director of Technology Sourcing, Innovation and Industrialisation



About the client

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Computacenter is a leading independent technology partner, trusted by large corporate and public sector organisations. They help their customers to source, transform, and manage their IT infrastructure to deliver digital transformation, enabling users, and their business. Their business is about technology, but first of all, it's about people. That's why they're strongly recommended by customers for the way they help them achieve their goals and they are the preferred route to market for technology providers.

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