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LGC, Biosearch Technologies prioritises Experience Design in eCommerce transformation

LGC had been looking for the right partners for their digital transformation project. As part of the overall project LGC wanted to ensure they had a customer focus to inform the design of the new website as they migrated customers from a variety of legacy websites onto a new ecommerce platform to centralise their Biosearch Technologies portfolio offering. Notwithstanding the highly specialised nature of life sciences, Profound’s approach works regardless of industry. It puts the customer at the centre of everything we do, blending an understanding of Customer Journeys, Customer Experience, Customer research and UX design to inform design solutions. LGC were committed to this approach and the collaborative way we engage business stakeholders to define solutions.

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The Challenge

In order to effectively migrate multiple different product and service lines, sitting across multiple different websites and geographies, onto a single ecommerce platform, it was acknowledged that LGC had to clearly understand their varying customer needs and pain points in the specific context of a number of ecommerce customer journeys. 

LGC recognised that they needed to validate and expand on their existing persona insights and develop customer journey maps in the context of the new ecommerce environment.

In particular this meant developing a more granular understanding of customer behavior, customer needs and  pain points to correctly inform the UX design required that would then feed the development team to create a compelling front-end user experience. 

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The Plan

Profound worked with LGC to develop insights around current customer journeys, which leveraged existing insights and stakeholder experiences, elaborated with additional behavioural insights and customer research. The definition was used to co-create the future state customer journeys to be delivered, and these were used to inform and produce the creative designs.

Finalised UX Designs would then be coded in by the development team working to an agile, phased roll-out of incremental ecommerce functionality, in line with the roll-out plan. 

With the variety of unique product and service lines, Profound and the development team would continue to work in an agile framework to deliver multiple tailored ecommerce experiences. 

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Value Delivered

Profound carried out customer research directly with end customers and key internal staff across UK and the USA to help LGC better understand their key personas and map out a frictionless ecommerce customer journey for multiple offerings. This provided clear user stories and requirements as the project moved into a series of sprints working to an agile framework. 

The UX design sprints followed a series of themes (Epics) which focused on the key components of the ecommerce user journey, from getting started to finding products to placing orders. For each scenario, Profound created functional wireframe designs and then UX screen designs that then fed the development team activity for the solution build.

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“As our ecommerce ambition grows, it is vital that we tackle customer experience and UX design with the same level of passion that we have for technical excellence in genomics. It all contributes to our differentiation in the life science market. We’re so glad we chose Profound – they were thorough, open-minded, and have a great sense for the end user ecommerce experience, which challenged us in a good way so they could produce great design work. They also demonstrated substantial skill and experience helping us understand our customers, with a very pragmatic approach. With various ecommerce capabilities now in play and more rolling out, we now have a modern, attractive, easy to use site that showcases our products and makes that path to purchase much easier for our customers.”

Grace Lean | Director, eCommerce

LGC, Biosearch Technologies


About the client

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Biosearch Technologies is the comprehensive genomics portfolio from LGC, providing products and services for genomic analysis that support mission critical applications for global customers in agrigenomics and human healthcare. They offer tools and technologies to accelerate sample preparation, amplification, cloning, expression, next generation sequencing (NGS), oligonucleotide synthesis, and nucleic acid chemistry. They collaborate with their customers by applying their expertise in NGS, genotyping, PCR, and qPCR to enable them to achieve more than they thought possible.

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