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In the last few years commercetools has emerged as the leading enterprise grade global leader in headless ecommerce systems, as rated by Gartner. Headless means separating back-end (content, product data and logic) from the front-end user experience using an API middle layer. Older monolithic systems have tried to “evolve” their offering (with mixed results) whereas commercetools blazed the trail and has been truly built from scratch with this modern approach.

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Modern customer experience demands an ability to do ecommerce in any channel on any device with a consistent user experience. You only achieve this if you separate the front-end user experience from the back-end. Older systems that don’t do this suffer constraints because rigid design templates limit user interface agility and often cause content freezes whilst awaiting technical changes. The old approach also forces you to replicate an entire front-end+back-end for each channel – which is highly inefficient. Using commercetools as your ecommerce engine you can now serve multiple front-end channels from one, high-performant cloud-based source. This means you can place a check-out in any channel, and tailor multiple front-end experiences without constraint – from websites to mobile to kiosks and even in-car dashboards.

Beyond customer experience, there is the technical advantage. Using the MACH (Microservice, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) principle, you remove the need for upgrade projects because technical releases just flow through weekly. The cloud-native architecture also ensures more security and blistering page speeds with high availability and scalability. The API-first composable approach also means you can piece together the best headless mix of front-end CMS, the best search, the best PIM/DAM and the best personalisation – and all these components can be swapped out over time for better alternatives, without directly impacting business-as-usual.

Finally, the ease of use and functional richness of commercetools means that you can manage all your online stores, manage product information, complex discounts and promotions, all in multiple languages and currencies. You can also innovate your UX design unfettered by back-end constraints, evolve new front-end interfaces, and be confident that regardless of channel or device, your ecommerce engine will work with whatever comes along in the future.


We have clients in both B2B and B2C using commercetools across business portals and  retail products. In all scenarios clients have seen the benefit of having the complete creative freedom with the front-end design experience, and the technical efficiency of a cloud-native, API-first ecommerce engine.

Implementing a headless system is new territory for some organisations and will need some planning and potential business change, however, as many clients are realising, if you cannot secure a frictionless, inspiring path to purchase, in all channels, consistently… your digital ambition will falter. A digital transformation with commercetools is a great facilitator to help you either stay competitive or leap ahead of your peers. Contact us on the link below and let's explore if commercetools is right for your business.


In addition to our own clients like Interflora and Horizon Platforms, commercetools has been adopted by many retail and B2B brands including Lego, Bang & Olufsen, Audi, Moonpig, Burberry, and John Lewis.

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