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What is ShopifyPlus?

Shopify operates on a Software-as-a-Service model, making a powerful e-commerce platform available on a subscription basis. The platform offers a range of tools and features out-of-the-box that allow e-commerce teams to take control of their website. This means that you spend less time (and money) on building basic infrastructure and more time on crafting engaging layouts, content and campaigns for higher CRO.

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Why consider ShopifyPlus

Running an e-commerce store involves a lot of moving parts, from stock management to fulfilment, traffic acquisition to conversion optimisation. An e-commerce website is there to serve content and take orders – and we are always looking out for technologies that enable our clients to do that really well. This is why we are a ShopifyPlus Partner.

Notable features of ShopifyPlus include:

• Customers, orders and products can be easily managed through the back-end

• Flexible front-end for beautiful designs

• Checkout is configurable and follows best e-commerce practices

• Workflows for automated campaigns

• Built-in fraud detection

• Open API for integrating order, customer and product data with fulfilment partners and other systems (e.g. CRMs)

• Extensive eco-system providing integrations to feature enhancing partners from reviews to loyalty and payments


Using ShopifyPlus at the heart of a major transformation for Planet Organic, we delivered a fully integrated solution in 90 days and this won the DXA 2021 Gold Award for Best Digital Transformation. We also have multiple clients in FMCG (Unilever brands) using Shopify across international markets. Our overriding sense is that ShopifyPlus “just works”. That may sound trite, but they have invested so much in making the basic core functions of an ecommerce experience work that you know you can rely on it. ShopifyPlus has a place for ecommerce businesses that have outgrown a home-grown approach but are not quite ready for an enterprise scale ecommerce investment. It also serves larger scale business who may be experimenting with ecommerce or perhaps adopting more direct-to-consumer approach.


In addition to our own clients such as Unilever and Planet Organic, ShopifyPlus has been adopted by many B2B and B2C brands including Heinz, Gymshark, Simba Mattress, Huel, Allbirds and Staples.

Is ShopifyPlus right for your business? Ask about our free consultation session to determine if it’s the right fit for you. We work with a number of ecommerce providers and will provide an objective assessment based on your readiness and ambition.


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