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Specialising in enterprise digital transformation, our practices provide an array of digital and commercial skills.

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Enterprise Digital Transformation

Unless you are a brand-new start-up, you likely have one or two systems in your digital estate preventing strategic objectives and growth from being achieved. Fragile point-to-point integrations, expensive upgrade cycles, ageing infrastructure, and locked down business data are some of the most common challenges a business faces today. Fixing them requires large scale digital transformation, and that is a daunting task. At Profound, we help enterprise organisations go on this journey. From identifying business needs, aligning them to key strategic objectives, choosing the right technologies and then implementing them in a way that can demonstrate value. We do all this and support the business teams through appropriate change management activities.

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Customer Experience Design (CX)

Customers are at the heart of what we do. From the business customers you might sell to, to the end customer who uses your product, to your internal teams who are customers of your digital estate. Understanding who they are, what motivates them, and prioritising the changes needed in your customer experience are key to delivering successful outcomes. Our digital experiences deliver value because we take time to understand the customer, test experiences with them and then help businesses change their operations to deliver new or improved experiences. This approach takes the internal assumptions out of what customers want and allows businesses to undergo a user experience design processes in a customer-centric way.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Launching a new experience is day-0 for a business. The marketing, sales and ecommerce teams now need to unlock the potential and deliver the value identified for the new experience. The team of optimisation specialists at profound consistently help businesses like you grow and develop experiences through data, testing and continuous development programs. Our clients have experienced staggering success working with our team over several years – some seeing a 50% increase year-on-year, with others going from half-a-million pounds to 20-million pounds of sales in 4 years. And the performance isn’t just limited to ecommerce; the team also has a strong track record with B2B clients looking to improve content engagement and customer databases.



Profound bring decades of eCommerce experience to your project. Just beginning your eCommerce journey, no problem, we have ample experience with D2C and B2B businesses and we have in-depth knowledge of the surrounding challenges that come with stocking, shipping, payment solutions, fulfilment and data management. Looking to optimise or fully re-platform what you already have? Profound can help you create a well-designed program to approach and solve these problems that surround your existing digital estate. We always take a customer-focused perspective when considering options and choices and are quite comfortable working with current market-leading and next-generation microservices technologies.

Design Systems

Communicating a consistent brand image across all your touchpoints is vital. Often design systems are referred to as a ‘single source of truth’, this helps companies define exactly how their brand is communicated across all these potential points. Profound will work closely with your team to understand the current state of play and define the way forward. Working with all the relevant stakeholders and ultimately building a set of principles, guidelines, reusable components and libraries that will enable you to create better digital products with a consistent experience that enhances the end-user experience.

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Data Strategy

You’ve probably seen the hype in recent times around data being “the world’s most valuable asset”. In reality for most companies data is a problem. The data is stuck in departmental systems that don’t speak to each other, the quality of the data is poor and the there are a myriad of potential solutions that often don’t make sense from a cost perspective. Would you like to know how best to use your data or how gain more insight from it or just have better control of your data? Profound can help turn you into a data-driven organisation, assisting with strategy, set-up, quality audits, governance, and opportunity identification.

Technology Consulting

The era of technology driven transformation isn’t slowing down. The business landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and you already know using your technology effectively is becoming more important. You need the right partner who can go on this journey with you not just point you in the right direction. Profound solves business problems, helping you design, develop and implement technology strategies that ultimately add business value.

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Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

You want to build direct relationships with your end consumers and you would like a strategy that makes use of best practice for online retail. Profound is able to work with brands to provide advice on technology choices, required infrastructure as well as the processes and people required to get your D2C operation up and running. Profound brings many years of experience in ecommerce, retail and in multiple industries into the mix, allowing use to recommend the best solution for your business.

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